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   I am Sun (short for Sunhara). I am 20 years young and enjoying life thoroughly. I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering.Apart from academics I love travelling, reading lifestyle magazines, latest fashion trends and pretty much everything related to creative design. 
    'FizzySun' is created with an intention to share my thoughts, ideas, things I collect or buy and my spare time enjoyment. I hope this site leaves you with a new thought, an idea or a personality boost. 

    MY STORY: Setting my life on track where I could multitask was my first priority and I want to help others, looking for that change, that confidence to say YES to all the upcoming opportunities. My previous personal blog 'just a little of everything' was a trial where I could judge myself and not give up on posting something whenever I could. 'FizzySun' for me is learning about new things,discovering, making friends and most importantly having fun

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