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Hagen Daz + OOTD

28 Aug 2015

I recently told my MUM that we should go out somewhere and visit some place new. I hadn't been out to a restaurant or dessert place for quite some time now (at least not a place that I could write about). My mother agreed and we decided to surprise Sam and take her to Hagen Daz Which was over all a good experience for the soul, but a bad one for the wallet. We drove for 20 minutes to a branch of Hagen Daz Ice-Cream parlour in Powai, (Powai is a grand and lovely place in Mumbai). I loved the place where this Ice-Cream parlour was, it honestly felt like some mini Londonish town. We sat in there and ordered a Brooklyn Bridge, which was a Sundae and later on we had some cones.
I loved the flavours and the decor on the platter (p.s. the bridge made out of chocolate had no taste at all which was a downer, when I speak of flavour I mean purely the flavour of the ice-cream stood out ). The ice-creams were exceptional but you'd get most of the flavours in Naturals Ice-Cream Parlours if you do not want to splurge. I'd recommend Hagen Dasz only if it was a really special occasion and if you'd want to truly indulge. 

Fab India

21 Aug 2015

Hello Everyone and welcome to my blog. If you are visiting my blog for the first time then feel free to stick around if you like reading random posts like these or if you like Fashion related posts because I am currently enjoying the fashion world. So now leaving all the blah blah aside today I wanted to write about "Fab India" a shop I love visiting and it never disappoints me. Fab India has a great collection of lifestyle items, clothes (amazing quality Indian wear) and some snacks.
I went shopping to Fab India last week with only Rs. 1500 and got some amazing stuff and the most awesome green tea, which is available in other shops but I found it in Fab India first almost 2 years back so I had to pick it up continuing tradition.
So guys enjoy the post!!
PS: Aren't the cups heavenly. One day these cups will make it's way to the antiques shelf. 


Our Independence Day Breakfast

17 Aug 2015

I could not upload posts on my blog, major internet problems. As you can see we tried to do something special on 15th and doesn't it look beautiful. We decided to go with the theme saffron green and white.  I have nothing much to write about this post except that the breakfast was amazingly exceptional and we enjoyed every bit of it. 

Happy Independence Day India!

Hello People! I hope you all had a great day today. Happy Independence day to every Indian reading this blog. Sam and I decided to go "full on Desi" today, so we got out our Pretty Saree and went on the terrace to click some pictures, while our mother made some yummy Tiranga coloured breakfast.
We made this "matki cake with ice-cream"  which again followed our Independence Day theme.
So Happy Independence Day once again and Jai Hind!

DIY! The Best Manicure Set (Lasts for 15 Days)

8 Aug 2015

Hello people! I really really really needed to share this. This is Aqua Mineral's Professional Nail Kit we got this from "Seacret". It is the coolest thing you could use on your hands ever. All you need to do is, just wash your hands, trim and file your nails and just follow the instructions on the box. It is that simple.

Contents of the Kit:
Nail file
Nail Buffer
Cuticle oil
Velvet touch Hand and Body Lotion

Apparently the lighting and my photography skills went downstream as the post progressed ( :( ) but hopefully you got an idea of how this product really makes a difference. 
The Nail buffer has three steps with three different sides of it that has to be used. Each side has a different function of healing, nourishing and polishing. The best part of this amazing manicure set is that it believes in healing the dead skin around your nails and not removing it, this is all possible because of their amazing Cuticle oil. The body lotion smells good but I haven't used it enough to review it, so if it is good you'll see a review on it after sometime. 
Hope you enjoyed this read and plan on buying this just because it is amazing.


3 Aug 2015

Hello Everyone! I'm sorry if you scrolled through a bunch of photos wondering what are these. Well this was a glimpse of my stay at Chennai. It was Sam who clicked most of these pictures as I was busy participating in a competition. 
Anyway we stayed in this lovely hotel "The Hudson Hotel".
We enjoyed our stay over there and Chennai as a whole is amazing. It is a bit weird that I could not stop talking about their town planning once I got back, it is terrific. If you ever end up in Chennai try eating at BUHARI one of the most amazing meals I ever had was there. Our stay was fun and we thoroughly enjoyed each and everything we did there, literally everything we did there was awesome including the competition. I do not want to go into much details but Chennai is a city that will never disappoint!
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