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The Goal

1 Nov 2015

The times when you're stuck, lost or feel like nothing is working out.
The times when you feel worthless and numb to all the thoughts you once had
The times when you feel it's getting tough and you cannot take it no more
Just close your eyes and breathe.

All of us go through tough times when we just start giving up on all the dreams and the goals we plan.The worst part is feeling lost, searching for your purpose. I want you to remember that this is all TEMPORARY and I am here to help you out with it.Start anew!
Setting Goals And Keeping Up With Them
  1. Envision Your Goal
    If you have decided what you want to become that is great, but if you haven't there is this small exercise you can do. As a teen-ager I was curious about, how people found out what they had to become in life. According to me it was the toughest decision for anyone to make until I came across a video of a life coach on YouTube.
    He said,
    Leave your mind blank
    Close your eyes and concentrate on your breath
    Feel the peace around you
    Now just imagine your self 20 years later
    Do not Force it

    Observe everything that your mind plays for you, the surroundings, your personality, your clothes, everything. now that is your subconscious mind telling you your goal.
    Now remember, your goal can change whenever you want it to. It all depends on your personal interest which can obviously change with so many new jobs and subjects rising in our society. When in doubt practice this exercise.
  2. Make Your vision Physical
    Now that you have envisioned your goal you need to make it physical. Studies have shown that putting effort to think of your goal helps you work towards it. It releases the thought in the universe. Keep something with you that constantly reminds you that you need to work for it. Prepare yourself mentally and physically for the "thing" you want . Prepare yourself mentally that no matter what comes by, you are going to work towards it.
    The best way of making this happen is writing down your goal and keeping it in your wallet or making a vision board.
    A famous example: Jim Carrey before he could get famous wrote a million dollar's check and kept it in his wallet to remind himself that he will work for his first million. He released the necessary energy and effort to make this happen.
  3. Map it Out
    Purchase a small notebook. (You cannot write million dollar ideas in a 1dollar notebook - By this I understand that if you are going to write anything about your goal down do it somewhere where you feel like reading it feel like filling it out) Write down the necessary action you need to take. Make it a step by step journal you need to follow to reach your self prepared destiny. This Map has to be prepared according to your pace, your comfort. If you try to imitate someone else' life it will be tough as each one is different. You are one in 7.5 billion people, Be Yourself.
  4. Concentrate on the Present Step
    "The past cannot be changed, the future cannot be predicted. What you have now is a gift, that is why it is called the Present. Treat it how it has to be treated." Concentrate on the present. It is the only thing that needs your focus right now. Once you learn to focus on the present, it will be much easier to achieve your goal.
    From your goal map see what you have picked out for yourself today
    Make a list of things you need to do today
    Do not forget to reward yourself after a feeling of satisfaction
    (Satis in Latin means Enough after enough action treat yourself).
  5. Gratitude
    If you really want something with all your heart? You need to have a sense of gratitude. Being thankful for the things you have now, whether it is your house your car or people in your life releases positive energy into the universe, this energy acts like a boomerang and comes right back at you. Many meta-physicists have always spoken about the importance of gratitude.
    A best way of practising it, is keeping a gratitude stone (mentioned in the book 'The Secret') in your pocket. Now what it this exactly. It is a small piece of a smooth and round stone that you can keep in your pocket everyday and every time you touch it you have to thank someone for something they have done (that makes you feel good obviously). Thank someone even when you keep it in your pocket or take it out.

Current Favourites - Beauty

24 Oct 2015

Five things that I have stuck by this season are the products above. Now, I did not want to add a lot of skin care products that I have been using on a daily basis, for that you can click here. I have been going through this time where I want to test more products and really experiment with things that I want to try as right now I am comfortable with my skin after a "war" with my acne.

Acne on my skin gave rise to many open pores and some dark spots. Following a regiment of skin care I managed to get rid of the dark spots but still have open pores. The Lakme Absolute Pore Fix Toner does not only tone my face to give it that early morning glow but also hydrates it and fixes pores eventually. I saw the effects of this product in a week. One thing that I learnt is do not use this product on your pimples and do not apply it on open capillaries. It can result in  breakout instead of fixing the skin. It has a spray for an applicator but I'd suggest that you follow the traditional way of spraying the toner on a cotton pad and applying it on your skin as a little of this product goes a long way (and too much of it may make your skin feel oily especially if you stay in a hot and humid city).

I have always been up for face masks but never a fairness mask (honestly because I have no intention of changing my skin colour any time soon LOL). I this time wanted to try a mud mask and the website I shopped on had this rose petal mud mask from a company called Just Herbs Now I've never heard of this company before but if sold this product I thought why not give it a shot. I ended up loving this product not only because of the packaging which is awesome but also how it made my skin feel so soft after I washed it off.

Now every beauty blogger, especially a lot of them from Mumbai rave about the Maybelline ColorGlow BB Cream. I guess this happens because of the product's light weight (on the skin) and medium coverage. It comes in 3 shades (I am the shade nude) and blends well with the skin, you do not have to completely cover your skin with this and can just hide the trouble areas with it. It is a bit pricey but if you are just getting into Makeup this is one product I'd definitely suggest.

I bought 2 Lipsticks and the shades are awesome. The Lakme Enrich Satin is in a purple/mauve shade which surprisingly goes with my skin. If you follow me on instagram you must have seen me wearing it. The second one I bought was again from a brand I did not hear about it is called Iba. This lipstick has a matte red shade and because it is a herbal lipstick it smells really good. I have noticed that this can dry out your lips so make sure you apply a bit of lip balm before applying it.

Sock Bun - Demonstration

9 Oct 2015

Hello peeps!
Not a usual way to start my writing but today is a special day, why? because its Friday and I can finally take a break from writing all of my homework (not that home work is bad but at times it can be a burden). After so many days I feel I am sitting on my cosy bed without any distractions, just chilling in my small space on the internet, if you know what I mean. I am actually really really tired, but I had to share with you all a video I made on my YouTube channel (shameless plugin: Subscribe here.
The sock bun that I recreated from an earlier post of mine that you can view here is really simple though it looks fancy and formal. so without any further delay here is the video. Enjoy!

Red Hot!

1 Oct 2015

Autumn Fashion is my Favourite! I love the way all the darker colours come out this season like everywhere in fashion. This is my style because it is subtle yet gives a "bang" of solid colours. This Red top is my most cherished piece of clothing this season as it perfectly brings out an autumnal feel. We've Styled this more in a Friday wear to the office kind of way,  but you could wear this with a dark washed denim pair of jeans and hit the theatres.

The Outfit:
Top: Westside Stores
Trousers: Local Mall (Kamdhenu)
Heels: Jabong

Pratap The Dhaba

18 Sep 2015

I cannot have pictures on this post that look so good and food-photogenic but I have to write about this place. I decided on writing about this place when I went there first but I had to visit it the second time again because I needed more of their food for my blog and for my stomach and for my soul. Coming back to why I do not have amazing photos is that because I went with a group of my very awesome and supporting friends and I was overwhelmed, but now thinking of it again I don't think the pictures are that bad the food still looks crazy and masaledar. 
The first thing they serve is baked garlic with some spice on top of it. It tastes like chilly and lime got married on the garlic. It is so freaking tasty, I never realized I could fall in love with a garlic dish that is served for free. They even serve onion with the same topping but I didn't go for that. The kebabs they give release a true Indie taste and has the perfect tinge of smokiness. The best dish they serve is their  Butter Chicken, if you go there please try it out, keep it your food goal "Butter Chicken from Pratap The Dhaba". A friend of mine who just stepped into the world of non-vegeterianism said, "After Rajma Chaval, Butter Chicken is my absolute favourite."  For me their Butter chicken is no.1 . The Biryani was spot on, I don't know how they manage to always maintain the ratio of the Masala to the rice in the Biryani, both the times I visited that place the Biryani was perfect. You get mutton gosh and other mutton dishes that are perfect if you crave for that flavoursome spicy sauce with tender meat of mutton, it maintains the integrity of mutton dishes in Indian cuisine. Always ask for the variety of Indian breads or Rotis they serve, I like their butter rumali roti which makes my mouth water right now as I am writing about this. Always go in for Rabdi Jelabi if you are in the mood for something sweet here, that is my go to Punjabi dessert. At the end they serve Pan shots which is unique and tastes flawless, ditto to the actual pan, I think even better.

My overall review:
Pratap The Dhaba is one of the finest and customer friendly (friendly to the mood and wallet also) Indian cuisine restaurant. 
Price: Not too Expensive but Not to cheap also
Service: Good
Ambience: Excellent (plus they play Punjabi music)
My rating: 4 Stars

My Order:
Masala Papad
Kukkad Hariyali Tikka
Chicken Reshmi Kebab
Butter Chicken
Mutton Gosh
Biryani (mutton and boneless chicken)
Butter milk, Ice-tea and fresh lime soda
Jelabi Rabdi

My First Video: Gift Basket For Daddy!

16 Sep 2015

Hello Internet, this is a bit weird and a bit exciting, I am close to completing my one year of blogging this month! I started reading blogs and watching a lot of YouTube videos in the year 2012 and it took me 2 years to overcome my fears and insecurities and actually put myself out there. 
I kept a target of just being comfortable in my own skin in my own mind (I hope you understand though this sounds weird) and saying yes to life. My best friend Asmika played a very important role in this and she basically inspired me. Oh My GOD she was a fearless soul and such a beautiful person. 
So to break through and do something I have been thinking about just for the mere fun of it, I am going to make YouTube videos. This was pre-planned but I've never had the guts to do it.
I'll post our first video below, it is about how we created a gift basket for our dad on his Birthday and what all we bought for him. I hope you all enjoy it.


Hagen Daz + OOTD

28 Aug 2015

I recently told my MUM that we should go out somewhere and visit some place new. I hadn't been out to a restaurant or dessert place for quite some time now (at least not a place that I could write about). My mother agreed and we decided to surprise Sam and take her to Hagen Daz Which was over all a good experience for the soul, but a bad one for the wallet. We drove for 20 minutes to a branch of Hagen Daz Ice-Cream parlour in Powai, (Powai is a grand and lovely place in Mumbai). I loved the place where this Ice-Cream parlour was, it honestly felt like some mini Londonish town. We sat in there and ordered a Brooklyn Bridge, which was a Sundae and later on we had some cones.
I loved the flavours and the decor on the platter (p.s. the bridge made out of chocolate had no taste at all which was a downer, when I speak of flavour I mean purely the flavour of the ice-cream stood out ). The ice-creams were exceptional but you'd get most of the flavours in Naturals Ice-Cream Parlours if you do not want to splurge. I'd recommend Hagen Dasz only if it was a really special occasion and if you'd want to truly indulge. 

Fab India

21 Aug 2015

Hello Everyone and welcome to my blog. If you are visiting my blog for the first time then feel free to stick around if you like reading random posts like these or if you like Fashion related posts because I am currently enjoying the fashion world. So now leaving all the blah blah aside today I wanted to write about "Fab India" a shop I love visiting and it never disappoints me. Fab India has a great collection of lifestyle items, clothes (amazing quality Indian wear) and some snacks.
I went shopping to Fab India last week with only Rs. 1500 and got some amazing stuff and the most awesome green tea, which is available in other shops but I found it in Fab India first almost 2 years back so I had to pick it up continuing tradition.
So guys enjoy the post!!
PS: Aren't the cups heavenly. One day these cups will make it's way to the antiques shelf. 


Our Independence Day Breakfast

17 Aug 2015

I could not upload posts on my blog, major internet problems. As you can see we tried to do something special on 15th and doesn't it look beautiful. We decided to go with the theme saffron green and white.  I have nothing much to write about this post except that the breakfast was amazingly exceptional and we enjoyed every bit of it. 

Happy Independence Day India!

Hello People! I hope you all had a great day today. Happy Independence day to every Indian reading this blog. Sam and I decided to go "full on Desi" today, so we got out our Pretty Saree and went on the terrace to click some pictures, while our mother made some yummy Tiranga coloured breakfast.
We made this "matki cake with ice-cream"  which again followed our Independence Day theme.
So Happy Independence Day once again and Jai Hind!
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